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Rules for the Greensburg Municipal Airport

The following rules will govern the conduct of all persons at the Greensburg Municipal Airport engaged in any aeronautical activities or while flying in the airport traffic zone, unless exceptions are specifically provided in federal or state regulations, or unless exceptions not in conflict with federal or state regulations have been authorized by the Indiana Board of Aviation Commissions. No airman or other person shall operate any aircraft to or from the airport otherwise than in conformity with the provisions of the state laws of the State of Indiana or the federal laws, rules or regulations applicable to all persons in attendance, visiting or observing activities at the Greensburg Municipal Airport, whether such persons are engaged in any aeronautical activities or not. 

Section I – Mission 

The mission of the Greensburg Municipal Airport is to host any aircraft and operation that is legal to operate in the United States at all times and on any operational runway.
Section II – General

The Greensburg Municipal Airport shall at all times be under control of the Board of Aviation Commissioners, who shall designate an Airport Manager to supervise the operation of such Airport. The airport Manager shall be under the direct supervision and control of the Board of Aviation Commissioners and shall be responsible to said board for the execution of the rules and regulations promulgated thereby. It shall be the duty of such Airport Manager to see that the rules and orders promulgated by the Board of Aviation Commissioners are observed by all persons engaged in any aeronautical activity at such airport or by any other persons using the airport premises.

The Airport Manager shall at all times be the duly designated representative or agent of the City of Greensburg Board of Aviation Commissioners in the execution of these rules and regulations. 

No person, or persons, or organization shall be permitted to use the Airport or any part or parts thereof for carrying on of any commercial activity, aeronautical or otherwise, including but not limited to the carrying of passengers for hire, freight, mail or express, student instruction, communications, demonstrations, sales, or any other commercial enterprise, until such person, persons or organization has secured authorization for such commercial  activity from the Board of Aviation Commissioners. All applicants shall be required to meet such standards or prerequisites to the securing of such authorizations as the board may from time to time establish.

All persons or personnel stationed or employed on the Airport premises or operating there from shall register with the office of the Airport Manager, indicating their full name, address, telephone number and nature of activity engaged in at the Airport.

All pilots and flight instructors using the Greensburg Municipal Airport as a base shall register with the office of the Airport Manager as above indicated.

The owners of all aircraft based at Greensburg Municipal Airport shall register such aircraft with the Airport Manager, indicating information relative to such aircraft as may be required by the Board.

The name of all aeronautical students shall be made available to the Airport Manager at all times by the fixed-based operators or instructor responsible for such student.

The Airport Manager shall at all times have authority to take such action as may be necessary to safeguard the public in attendance at the Airport as well as private or public property.

The Airport Manager may suspend or restrict any or all operations without regard the weather conditions whenever such action is deemed necessary in the interest of safety.

Instructors shall fully acquaint their students with the aircraft operation rules and shall be responsible for the conduct of students under their direction, relative to such rules during dual instruction. When a student is flying solo, it shall be his solo responsibility to observe and abide by these rules.

Pets and other animals must be secured by an appropriate cage or leash at all times while on the airport property.

The aircraft owner or his duly authorized agent shall be responsible for the disposal of wrecked aircraft and parts thereof. Witnesses of and participants in aircraft accidents on or near the airport should report same to Airport Manager’s office as soon as such accidents as possible, leaving their names and addresses, and making such statements regarding the accident as may be appropriate.

The term “ person’  means any individual, firm, partnership, corporation, company, association, joint- stock association, or body politic, and includes any trustee, receiver, assignee, or other similar representative thereof..  

Section III – Ground and General Aircraft Operation Rules

  1. Aircraft shall be parked in areas and in the manner designated by the Airport Manager.

  1. No aircraft shall be left unattended in any appropriate area of the airport unless same is safely secured or is within a hanger.

  1. No aircraft shall be parked or left unattended within 25 (twenty – five) feet of the edge of any taxiway nor within 50 (fifty) feet of the edge of any runway on the airport.

  1. Aircraft shall not be left in front of or blocking the fuel tanks. They shall remain there only as long as it takes to refuel the aircraft and then shall be promptly moved away.

  1. Aircraft or vehicles are not permitted to park on the taxiway.

  1. Airplanes not equipped with adequate brakes shall have warm-up blocks in front of each wheel before engines are started.

  1. Aircraft engines shall be started or warmed-up only in the places designated for such purposes by the Airport Manager. At no time shall engines be run-up when hangers, shops, other buildings or persons in the observation area, are in the path of the propeller stream.

  1. No aircraft shall be flown within the airport traffic zone in maneuvers other than those required in normal routine operation.

  1. All aircraft operated from the Greensburg Municipal Airport shall be appropriately certified by the FAA. Any person operating aircraft from such airport shall be the holder of a valid FAA Airman’s Certificate with the appropriate ratings and such person, or persons, shall not exceed the limitations of the ratings held.

  1. Pilots and/or crew shall ensure that recommended safety procedures are followed when they and their passengers are entering or exiting aircraft. 

  1. No person, or persons, except airman, duly authorized personnel or persons or passengers going to or from aircraft or other persons being personally conducted by airmen or airport attendants shall be permitted to enter the area within the boundary of the landing area proper. This does not give any person or persons so excepted the privilege of unrestricted use of the space within the boundary of the landing area. These privileges are confined to the necessary use of this space in connection with flights, inspections or routine duties. All vehicles, other than aircraft, authorized to be in the boundary of the landing area shall be identified with an appropriate flag prominently displayed on such vehicle.

  1. No person shall ride in, fly or work on any airplane while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or narcotic drugs.

Section IV Taxing Rules

No person shall taxi an aircraft to or from the hanger line or to or from an approved parking space until he has ascertained that there will be no danger of collision with any person or object in the immediate area by visual inspection of the area, and when available, through information or instructions furnished by airport attendance.

No aircraft shall be taxied except at a safe and reasonable speed. Particular caution shall be exercised while taxing near other aircraft or adjacent buildings.

No aircraft not equipped with adequate brakes shall be taxied near buildings or parked aircraft unless an attendant is at a wing of the aircraft to assist the pilot.

No aircraft shall be taxied in or out of any hanger, nor shall an aircraft engine be started or run in a hanger. No person other than a mechanic, certified pilot or other qualified person shall taxi aircraft on any part of the airport. No person other than mechanic, certified pilot or qualified person shall be at the controls of any airplane while the engine or engines are being started.

Section V – Landing and Take – Off Rules

Landings and take – offs shall be made directly into the wind or on the Runway or landing strip most nearly aligned with the wind or, when winds are light, in a direction designated by the Airport Manager and indicated by a controlled wind tee or similar device if available, unless local conditions make landings and take – offs in any such direction inadvisable or unless exceptions are authorized by the Airport Manager.     

No landing or take – off shall be made except a safe distance from buildings,  and aircraft. Aircraft shall not land or take – off over hangers, buildings, automobile parking areas, or spectators unless such glide path is strictly unavoidable or is being used in the case of an emergency.

No turn shall be made after take – off until the airport boundary has been reached and the pilot has attained an altitude of at least 1400 ft msl and has ascertained there will be no danger of turning into the path of a following aircraft, unless exceptions are authorized by the Airport Manager or his duly appointed representative.

The airplane approaching for a landing has the right – of – way over all planes on the ground.       

The aircraft traffic pattern at the Greensburg Municipal Airport shall be standard left traffic for all runways.


Visual signal procedures recommended by the Federal Aviation Agency shall be observed.


Automobiles shall park only in parking areas provided and designated by the Airport Manager.

No automobile shall be driven onto the landing area proper without the express permission of the Airport Manager or his designated representative and as provided in Section II, paragraph 9

Automobile or other vehicular traffic on the premises of the airport shall observe a 15 mph speed limit.


All persons using in any way the airport area or the facilities of the airport shall exercise the utmost care to guard against fire and injuries to persons or property.

No person shall smoke within fifty (50) feet of any aircraft or fuel tanks.  The “NO SMOKING” rule must be observed in all areas so designated and by persons in the vicinity of aircraft being fueled.

Persons fueling or draining fuel from an aircraft are to follow all safety procedures and precautions as outlined in the POH (pilot’s operating handbook) for that aircraft.

No aircraft shall be fueled or drained of fuel while such airplane is in any hangar or enclosed place.

Aircraft shall be positively grounded when being serviced with fuel.

The cleaning of engine parts or other parts of airplanes shall be with non-inflammable liquids.

Floors shall be kept clean and free of oil, gasoline, and other inflammable materials.

No burning of any type or purpose, including but not limited to  trash, papers or other waste materials is permitted on the property of the Greensburg Municipal Airport except as allowed by the airport manager. 

Aircraft doping procedures must conform to acceptable safety-first standards.

Adequate fire extinguishers shall be kept within ready reach of personnel engaged in fueling and fuel drainage operations.  Adequate fire extinguishers must be place in positions of convenience for use in case of emergency.


Failure to adhere to and comply with these regulations or flagrant violations of any part thereof will be deemed good and sufficient cause to remove or cause the removal of any aircraft, pilot, agency or individuals from the airport and deny the offending aircraft party or parties concerned, the use and privileges of the airport for such reasonable period of time as may be determined by the Greensburg Municipal Airport Board of Aviation Commissioners.

The Airport Manager or his duly authorized representative shall at all times have the emergency authority to deprive any aircraft, pilot or other persons the use of the airport for such period of time as in his judgment it is necessary to safeguard airport property and the public in general pending final disposition of the case by the Board of Aviation Commissioners.   

Approved by the City of Greensburg Board of Airport Commissioners

July 21, 2008